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Most other dives shops use the plain old vinyl tank cap that slips through your wet fingers and usually takes about 3 tries to take off. If you have long nails, this is where you wind up breaking one while trying to pry the cap off.

Dive Friends Bonaire

Now available in Black Over Yellow!

Textured EZ Grip Top!

Also Available in Green!

There’s nothing to love about those damn caps on the valve stem of your scuba tank. Your nails are already soft from diving and you go to switch your gear to another tank, but the tank cover won’t budge. It’s slippery and seems designed to make you look like a newbie diver when you’re on a boat full of strangers.

Until now.

Introducing the EZ-iest scuba tank cap you’ve ever used.

Patented ergonomic design.

  • It has an innovative pull tab to make it EZ to pull off and put on the tank valve.
  • Plus a textured finish so fingertips don’t slip.
  • Conforms to any tank valve.

EZ Tank Cap! If you own your scuba tanks get EZ caps for them now! And be sure to tell your favorite dive shops about them!

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  • Get 2 for $5.99 or only $2.99 each
  • Get 6 for $15.99 or only $2.67 each
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  • Get 25 for $49.75 or only $1.99 each
  • Get 50 for $89.50 or only $1.79 each
  • Get 100 for $169.00 or only $1.69 each

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